My Christmas List
posted on 09 Dec 2009 by Ed

Call it selfish or call it needy but here is my Christmas list.

So I asked my mom for one thing and one thing only. A record player. She could buy it at a thrift store for 10 dollars for all I care but that's all I want for christmas (besides stealing all her vinyl). I mean there's a lot of things I'm gonna need for it tp work properly.

I need to get a stereo amplifier a mixer and speakers. Most of those things I might be able to find lying around the house. Simple gift right? But it for me thinking about two things. First: what albums would I like to have on vinyl? And second: what makes a good record?

Ill answer the second question first.

To me what makes a good record is something you can listen to all the songs and not want to skip any. Nowadays we can go from artist to artist, album to album, song to song with a touch of a finger. Its very convenient but it breeds musical A.D.D. Have you noticed? I'm trying to move away from that.

Now the about the albums.

I want anything from Minus the Bear, anything Modest Mouse up to The Moon and Antarctica, The Dodos, Hendrix, any Radiohead.

The list goes on and on but that's the ones I can think of off the too of my head. Needless to say if I don't get a record player for Christmas I'm just gonna go out and get one myself. Merry Christmas myself?

  I'm totally stealing this from High Fidelity
posted on 09 Nov 2009 by Ed

Ok, so today I have a day off. These happen about twice a week, but still feel very rare. I like to do random things on my day off. I'll watch tv, or download music or tv shows. I'll go play frisbee golf, or play some music. Today I just feel like a list is needed. So list HOOOOOOO!

I'm gonna do a countdown.

5. Between The Buried and Me - Foam Born (A) The Backtrack

This song shows off BTBAM's skill as musicians and writers. Colors is their best album that I have listened to so far, and this song sets up everything perfectly.

4. The Raconteurs - Consolers of the Lonely

This song bears the same name as the album. It starts off with a weird rythem, then it all comes together to blow your mind. Both of The Raconteurs voices are used in this song. I love the difference of the voices for this song. The rest of the album doesn't disappoint, but this is a great way to start a very bluesy album.

3. Say Anything - Belt

From the intro of this song made with a hand recorder to the outro you can feel the emotion Max Bemis puts into this song. His insecurity fills the song, and the lyrics reflect it, but not in a bad way. The emotion flows through the rest of the album, but it starts here.

2. Elliot Smith - Sweet Adeline

There is no way I can truly put this song into words. The guitar and vocals intro is fantastic, the writing for the whole song is amazing. Every instrument is a vital part of the song and it shows.

1. The Dodos - Walking + Red and Purple

Ok this is technically two songs, but I like to think of it as a 7 minute opus. This band consists of a guitarist and a drummer, and sometimes a xylophonist. It shows off their country roots. The last lyric of Walking sets up the theme for Red and Purple perfectly.

Well there it is. It was difficult, but I managed it very successfully.

LIFE UPDATE: School is becoming more than just a possibility. My app is all filled out, my fafsa is all filled out, and i had a phone interview. All of it looks very good in my eyes, and I hope the people in charge over there see it the same. So to be short, this time next year I could quite possibly be in Florida at Full Sail University. GO ME!

  Evan Andrews likes baseball
posted on 02 Nov 2009 by Ed

He can say its for a bet all he likes. But by the end of this world series I will make him say he likes baseball.
Go Phils!

  Who doesn't like lists?
posted on 22 Oct 2009 by Ed

Here. Right here will be a list of bands that I really enjoy. Check them out. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.


Air Traffic (kind of poppy, good stuff though)
The Airborne Traffic Event (britpop with punk feel)
Arcade Fire (neon bible is the album to go for)
Bear VS. Shark (post punk stuff, very intense)
Beastie Boys (ill communication, and white jews rapping? Awesome)
Beck (just funky good stuff)
Ben Kenney (eulogy is an amazing song, he's also bassist for incubus)
Between the Buried and Me (hardcore version of pink floyd, go for colors)
The Black Keys (the blues for my generation)
Black Rebel Mortoycle Club (a bit bluesy and heartfelt rock)
Blind Pilot (good indie rock)
Blitzen Trapper (only band with country feel I like)
Bob Marley (classic reggae, every white person loves Bob)
Brazilian Girls (europop feel, very good beats)
The Bronx (punk, exceptional punk
Built to Spill (keep it like a secret is my favorite album of all time so far)
Circa Survive (emo goodness with indie feel)
Cold War Kids (just good music and lyrics)
Common (be is my favorite hip hop albums of all time)
Common Market (talib feel except better flow)
Constantines (canadian indie rock)
Cool Calm Pete (good beats and good flow)
The Cribs (I was addicted to their song mens needs)
Daft Punk (just good dance music)
David Bazan (folkie indie rock)
Dear and the Headlights (just good music)
Death Cab For Cutie (good emo)
Death From Above 1979 (odd good music)
The Decemberists (more folkie good indie)
Dispatch (amazing band)
DM Stith (odd good music)
The Dodos
Dungen (swedish psychedelic rock)
Elliot Smith (sad sappy folkish music)
Foo Fighters (I wanted to be dave grohl)
Gang Starr (classic hip hop)
Ghosts and Vodka (beautiful instrumental music)
The Giraffes (heavy rock)
Gnarls Barkley (damn good music)
Good Old War (indie poppy feel, good band)
Gorillaz (blur frontman doin his own thing)
He Is Legend (good heavy metal, I am hollywood is a good album)
Hot Hot Heat (feel good music)
Interpol (antics is amazin)
Jimi Hendrix (fantastic musician)
John Legend (not that into r and b but he knows how to write good songs)
Johnossi (just got into them, good tunes)
Junior Senior (feel good dance rock)
K'Naan ( mc, his songs are so emotional)
Kaiser Chiefs (yours truly angry mob is a fantastic album)
Kings of Leon (old stuff is more bluesy, new stuf still fantastic)
Les Savy Fav (let's stay friends is awesome)
Lupe Fiasco (food and liquor is one of my favorite hip hop albums)
The Maccabees (just got into them, good stuff though)
Manchester Orchestra (saw them live and I fell in love)
Maps and Atlases (played a show with them it was awesome)
Margot and the Nuclear So and So's (fantastic music, skeleton key is an amazing song)
Matt and Kim (feel good music)
Matt Pond PA (overlooked him for a while, but he writes good music)
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson (just got into them good music though)
Minus the Bear (every album is gold)
Modest Mouse (older stuff is better, head south is one of my favorite songs)
The Mountain Goats (really good songwriting)
The National (boxer is really good)
Neutral Milk Hotel (in the aeroplane over the sea is written for anne frank)
Nujabes (fantastic japanese dj)
Pavement (classic indie rock, fantastic band)
Pedro the Lion (david bazan's old band)
Peter Bjorn and John (good songs, good melodies)
Pilate (coldplayish feel except american)
The Postal Service
Queens of the Stone Age (death metal and blues rock)
The Raconteurs (bluesy feel, jack white side project)
Radiohead (nuff said)
RJD2 (exceptional dj)
The Roots (philly 4eva!)
Russian Circles (harder instrumental music)
Santogold (fantastic singer M.I.A.ish)
Saxon Shore (more instrumental rock)
Say Anything (eeeemo but good emo, a real boy is excellent)
Secret Life of the Freemasons (emoish good band)
The Shins (I loved garden state)
The Snake The Cross The Crown (folksie indie rock)
Teddybears (good djs and artists with them)
Tera Melos (instrumental, odd but some fantastic jems)
Tokyo Police Club
The Tragically Hip (colin would kill me if they weren't on here )
TV on the Radio (don't know what to call it but its enjoyable)
The Walkmen (dudes voice is fantastic)
Wilco (some country indie goodness)
Wolf Parade (Canadian goodness galore)
Wolfmother (hard rock, so good)

I've realized I used good a lot to describe the music I love. But these are bands that have helped shape me and my musical tastes. Each one has their good points and bad points. But I suggest checking some out.

Music isn't good unless its shared.

  Hockey fight! Alright!
posted on 10 Oct 2009 by Ed

There has been a total of three things on my mind lately. Hockey, mah woma, and food. All three have been good to me this past blogless week. Flyers are 3-1-0 so far and they have a game tonight. The woman been home for a bit now and we been having fun. Yesterday we made some salsa. Its fucking bangin. I've never had salsa good before.

We bought all the ingredients she chopped I mixed. If you ever have the opportunity to make your own salsa do it. The only thing it doesn't have that I wanted is tomatillos. They're the funky green ones.

This past week I worked 4 overnighters. During those nights I shut myself out from the interwebs. Don't have a good reason. Just kinda did it. I missed a lot apparently.

Flyers game tonight. Excited.

  Tittie Terrorism
posted on 28 Sep 2009 by Ed

So this is a funny concept I thought of the other day.

Women wear low cut shirts and tight shirts and fancy dresses and show their goods all the time. But men live in a perpetual fear of looking. Why?

Because were afraid of what might happen if we're caught! I say no more! Ladies if you don't want to be oggled anymore stop dressing revealing. We know you want to look good but there are other ways to look good without looking like a tramp. Personally I like classy ladies. Indie chicks? Don't get me started.

Now this is all over the place but let me try to organize. The pressure to look is to great. If your ju
bblies hangin out we're gonna look.

Now on a completely different topic I think tonight I might get the music online and be able to share my music! So look out for that.

posted on 26 Sep 2009 by Ed

This whole past week has been rush rush rush! But I can safely say it was worth the stress and trouble.

Bought mel a nice necklace flowers and a card. All three she was very surprised to get considering the troubles I've had with my car. But it was very worth it. Had dinner with her family and sushi the day after. It was kind of awkward eating with her family because they don't really like me I think. They did say I should come for dinner once a week though. My relationship with them was strained when I recklessly posted something on twitter. But I guess its water under the bridge now?

The train ride up was interesting though. Went through penn station and grand central station. At grand central I went out for a ciggerete and there was a line of cop cars. There was undercover cop cars, regular cop cars, and patty wagons. They took up a whole block but I didn't see a single cop inside grand central. It was awkward.

My phone died after I got off the train so I wasn't able to blog about the events that came. But I am back and in full force!

Also I got my car back. I was so excited I danced for about 10 minutes. Can't wait to go home and seep in my own bed. Its been a week.


  Really? Like for real. Really?!?!
posted on 22 Sep 2009 by Ed

So yesterday sucked. Today hasn't shapen up to be much better.

Yesterday I ran all over gods green earth to get my tires fixed. If you read evan andrews blog you know the deal. Too much to talk about now though. Today I took it to toyota to get a tune up and some random things. They called me shortly after I got to work and told me the estimate.

You ready?

You sure??

Okay here it goes.

The estimated total for all work is $1572.68

Work it needs? Timing belt, fan belt, spark plugs, battery, oil change,fix a hole in exhaust, tune up, new lug nuts (to replace the locks), lube job, and all the fluids need to be changed.

Sucks right? Plus my girlfriends graduation is friday, I have no clean clothes, and rent is due soon.


  Goodness gracious! Where are my manners?
posted on 19 Sep 2009 by Ed

Today is a Dungen day. Swedish psych rock ftw.

There's something about the soothing melodies, the swinging bass, and the rock steady drumming that makes a day go smoother. I can nor will I ever comprehend what they're saying but it still soothes the soul. I've always been a melody man. I never focus on lyrics. Granted I have a vast lyrical database in my head they're not te most important thing to me. If the singing goes together with the music melodically and the music is good or unique I will enjoy it.

My feelings have brought up an interesting conundrum. Should I care about the lyrics my singer writes? I know not everybody is like me in regards to lyrics and I know I can be a good writing critic. But I don't know if I should help or not.

Anyways, another day another dollar.

  everythings better with the words 'slap bass'
posted on 17 Sep 2009 by Ed

God damnit. The only thing that would make any day better is some slap bass.

Imagine for a second a walking bass line playing as you walk down the street. I think the best bass line would be the bathroom one. I think that's my next bass mission. Make a slap bass opera. I think it would be magnificent.

Anyway still no internet at our house. Andy and I recorded the song. Its in my email account but I can't download it to my phone because it 'exceeds download limit'. Pretty gay if you ask me, but it will be online as soon as possible.

posted on 15 Sep 2009 by Ed

Its something I have based most of my life on. My music, my writing, even my shitty graffiti is an extension of myself and who I am as a person.

This conversation came up with someone who is very close to my heart. Its hard sometimes to describe how I feel when I complete something. If someone else enjoys what I do then awesome, but for the most part I do it for myself. There is only one thing I do for more than just myself, and that is music.

My friend Heather once told me how much she liked my band and how we should never give up on our dream. She probably doesn't know but its something I've kept in my mind since she told me. I write music for myself and for the people in my band. But the fact that other people are affected by our music still astounds me. Just the fat that people can listen to it ad appreciate it means a lot to me.

Anyways enough with the ramblings. Andy (guitarist) and myself showed Scott (drummer) the song we wrote. He loved it and came up with some ridiculous rhythm for it. We will be showing Michelle (singer) tonight and she will complete her lyrics. I will try to put it onto the interwebs as soon as I am able.

posted on 14 Sep 2009 by Ed

this is only a test!

later days

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